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Workplace Security for Your Non-Full Time Employees

Updated: Jun 20, 2023


Summer interns in a meeting room

Summer is on, which means you may be hiring interns, seasonal workers, or contract workers to cover specific short-term roles within your company. Providing access to your workplace comes with a few challenges of its own, especially when it comes to your traditional workforce’s own needs to feel secure.

In this month’s blog, we’re covering special processes for credentialing and how it’s used with access control and time and attendance. This is especially important for your seasonal employees this summer—and perhaps beyond.

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is a specific action for giving employees, both full-time and part-time, access to restricted areas of your building. This may come in various forms based on your workplace’s security needs.

At Ban-Koe, we offer credentialing software solutions like vIDix Identify, which allows you to give interns, freelancers, traveling employees or seasonal workers the appropriate role-based identification badge and access for where they need to go. Part of the vIDix Identify solution includes ID badge printing to help organizations verify employees who have certain qualifications.

For example, badges can be dynamically color coded for quicker identification between full-time and temporary employees or include a “temporary” label.

vIDix Identify easily integrates with other software you may use for time and attendance or access control. For instance, configuring a Door Access Schedule with specific start and end dates within vIDix Control defines the exact range of days a temporary employee has access to the facility. This can be further defined with days of the week, daily start times, and defining specific entrances and doors a temporary employee has access to.

Additionally, with our vIDix Labor Time & Attendance solution, you’ll have the ability to provide off-site workers with an employee self-service app. The mobile app offers standard features like time tracking or requesting time off, along with Geofencing, Photo Capture, and Questionnaires that can be added to the clock-in process for more security.

Both vIDix Control and vIDix Labor come with flexible deployment options (on-site or cloud-based) and are optimized for ease of use.

How Credentialing Works with the ID Card Printer from vIDix Identify

Credentialing printer

vIDix Identify is a credential management solution that allows you to print quality badge designs with an ID card printer. We offer various printers at affordable prices so you can find the right one for your organization.

Each ID card printer comes with a comprehensive badge designer to add text, bar codes, and graphics. Once you’ve printed your ID cards, you’ll need to properly dispose of the ink ribbon. This is critical for security (and required by HIPAA and FERPA) as each ribbon contains sensitive cardholder information after printing.

To properly dispose of this information, you’ll need an ink ribbon shredder that meets the following requirements for your ID card printer:

  • Comes with patented Micro-Cut technology

  • Compatible with all dye-sublimation printer manufacturers’ ribbons

  • Able to completely shred dye-sublimation ribbons into unrecognizable debris

Learn more about our ID card printer solutions and how we can further advise you on properly disposing of your ink ribbons by reaching out to our team today.

Mistakes Other Companies Make When It Comes to Non Full-Time Employees

Before we go, we wanted to double-check to see if your overall onboarding processes for temporary employees are sound. Perhaps the best way is by comparing it against the mistakes other companies have made. The following are just a few of the examples we’ve come across:

  • Not having a proper orientation session: Whether one at a time or in a group, setting up an orientation session with temporary or contract-based employees helps familiarize them with essentials like password security best practices, double-factor authentication, social media etiquette, and how to avoid phishing attacks. For some general password security tips, consider sharing the BSI’s recommendations listed here.

  • Allowing company-wide access: Access should be limited only to the resources your non-traditional workers need to fulfill their role. This not only helps your company stay organized, but it also mitigates the damage of a potential company-wide attack on your cybersecurity. Follow what the National Institute of Standards and Technology calls “The Principle of Least Privilege” to prevent major security issues like the spread of malware.

  • Not signing nondisclosure agreements: This may seem like more needless paperwork, but in today’s working environment it’s become highly important. It’s also a good way to introduce interns and younger seasonal employees to the importance of keeping business processes out of personal conversations or social media posts going forward.

  • Excluding interns and part-time help from cybersecurity training: You likely hold regular cybersecurity training sessions for your full-time workforce to keep them up to speed on best practices. Sometimes, this training comes at a cost, especially if you bring in outside consultants. It may be tempting to exclude part-time workers from this training, but try as best you can to include them as well.

  • Missing steps during off-boarding: Older accounts for inactive employees have become a popular gateway for cyber criminals, so it’s important you don’t just leave them on the cloud somewhere. Along with removing these accounts, remember to disable door access and inactivate employees from your time and attendance software, which removes their ability to clock in and out.

The biggest mistake of all comes when companies ignore or underestimate the precautionary measures needed, even for short-time help. To see the wide variety of ways Ban-Koe can help with your credentialing and other workforce management processes, check out our other blogs on access control and time & attendance.

Manage Your Workplace Security the Right Way with Credentialing Software from Ban-Koe

Whether you’re looking for a full-suite workplace security solution, or you just need help identifying the right ID card for your application, we’re ready to assist you with vIDix software created by Ban-Koe. Our latest update to vIDix Control with Version 7 comes with the tools you need to reduce your own workload for onboarding non-traditional employees while enhancing the security of your workplace.

Ready to learn more about vIDix Identify and our other workforce management solutions? Reach out today!

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