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Be Efficient in Time and Attendance Management with vIDix Labor

Updated: Jun 30

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Like many other workplaces in the last couple years, it’s possible you needed a quality time and attendance system to manage your workforce and encourage productivity. Whether that was with a solution like vIDix Labor or another type of workforce management software, the newest efficiencies on the market today make now a great time to reassess your tools.

Right now, Ban-Koe Companies is announcing version 7 of vIDix Labor, offering a wider range of support alongside a powerful new dashboard (see more of the updates below). If you’re already on our cloud-based version of vIDix Labor, then we have good news: your system has received an automatic update!

If you use vIDix Labor on-site, then we’re ready to support you, too. You can get started on the new upgrade now by scheduling a demo or speaking with our support team today. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about why having a more efficient Time & Attendance solution in 2023 could make this your most productive year in a long while.

Ways Time & Attendance Has Changed

We’re still early in the decade, yet already we’ve seen a multitude of ways workforce management tools have changed. Whether that’s to keep up with new expectations for flexibility and remote work or simply the natural progression of technology, vIDix Labor is at the forefront of these new efficiencies.

Just five years ago, most time and attendance management systems only needed to track when an employee clocked in or out or when a manager needed to approve time off or overtime. There was still a lot of time-consuming manual entry and analysis needed to support individual work needs. Additionally, many systems didn’t integrate with payroll to provide a comprehensive view of an employee’s time and attendance reporting.

Now, with schedules becoming more flexible to offer a stronger work-life balance, administrators find themselves needing more robust solutions for accurately tracking time and attendance. Solutions like vIDix Labor from Ban-Koe simplify staff tracking with a cloud-based or on-premise suite of services that automate and scale with the requirements of your facility. In turn, this gives your managers more time to check in with their staff on more important day-to-day functions.

An employee uses vIDix Labor on her laptop and tablet

How vIDix Labor Keeps Up with Time and Attendance Requirements

The greatest difference between vIDix Labor and other software is the amount of data collection and methods available to you. Typically, managing this data would take a lot of time and effort, reducing the bandwidth for your support team to assist managers and their staff with other important functions.

With vIDix Labor, they can do just that through the following capabilities:

Effective Scheduling

With tools like vIDix Labor Employee Self Service App alongside Timesheet Notes (covered here in a previous blog) your employees are able to give you all the data you need, in real-time, to more effectively manage or schedule their time. Additionally, managers have access to Schedule Notes to provide employees with a clear purpose for their allotted time.

Overtime Control

Because each department is staffed uniquely, vIDix Labor comes with a Configurable Rules Engine that offers flexibility for applying pay rules to the right group of employees while still offering centralized policy management. Additionally, special alerts and reminders for unexpected overtime occurrences or late arrivals, among other issues, removes any room for manual errors or misses that could impact your organization negatively.

Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self Service app that comes with the new vIDix Labor version 7 gets everyone involved in simplifying workforce management and making it more efficient for your organization. By installing this app on their mobile device, employees can manage everything including:

  • Timesheet preparation and tracking time

  • Requesting time off

  • Running personal reports

  • Additional clock-in capabilities, including geofencing and photo capture

If you maintain a large group of remote employees, the Employee Self Service app ensures there are fewer clock-in violations while also giving them the capability to track hours in offline mode if they’re working in an environment that’s not connected to a local network.

What’s New with vIDix Labor Version 7?

If you’ve been using vIDix Labor version 6, you may be familiar with a few of the above features. You may also be asking yourself why you’d need to upgrade to version 7, especially if you use our on-premise deployment option.

We’ve broken the reasons down for you:

  1. Keeping up with technology. Up until now, vIDix Labor version 6 was only able to offer support for older operating systems. Now, version 7 offers support for WIN 11, Server 2022, as well as TLS 1.2 and Web View 2 to allow sending of emails with Office 365 or to display Google Maps with Geofencing, respectively.

  2. More robust Operations and Scheduling Centers. Previous versions of vIDix Labor provided support teams with both an Operations and Scheduling Center that allowed for cloud-based online access and adding punches or pay codes for a group of employees at one time. Now, vIDix Labor version 7 boosts that same Operations Center with more than ten new features & benefits, including the Notes feature, mass hours entry, hour splitting using Day Divide, expanded meal & break exceptions, and more.

  3. An all-new Dashboard. Adding to the Operations and Scheduling Centers is a new management Dashboard that makes vIDix Labor more efficient than ever. Now, those with access can view & approve pending time off requests, easily identify who is currently on or off the clock, analyze attendance violations, and more, all in one place!

  4. API integration. To further keep up with modern requirements of both cloud-basedand on-premise software, vIDix Labor now offers support for API integration to further customize your workforce management needs and keep your organization running efficiently.

We Make Updating Your Time and Attendance Software Easy

At Ban-Koe, we’re proud to offer organizations a wide range of solutions to improve both workforce management and workplace security. We’ve ensured that all our systems under the vIDix banner provide ways to keep your teams more organized, efficient, and secure with deployment options that work best for you.

If better Time and Attendance management is on your company’s list of top priorities in 2023, then we invite you to learn more about the upgrades coming to vIDix Labor. If you’re already using this solution, we’ll ensure a smooth transition to the new version or we can get you up and running in no time with either a cloud-based or on-premise deployment option.

Contact our support team today to learn more or to schedule a demo and a set-up time for our upgraded vIDix Labor time and attendance platform.

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