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The Importance of Modernized Access Control Systems

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A female employee scans her mobile access control credentials to enter her workplace


We recently announced a crucial upgrade to vIDix Control facility access control system to assist our current customers utilizing workplace security. As a result, cloud-based and on-site customers are now enjoying more peace of mind from the next generation of access control hardware from HID. With this upgrade in place, now is the perfect time for office managers and those looking to improve their building security to take advantage of our upgraded vIDix Access Control System. While most Access Control Systems are stuck in the past and vulnerable to hacking, our modernized vIDix CONTROL Security Platform Version 7 is more powerful and secure to keep up with today’s sophisticated cybersecurity needs.

To take advantage of this new upgrade immediately schedule a demo or speak with our support team today. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about why having a modern Access Control System in the New Year is more critical than ever.

Common Access Control Vulnerabilities

In a previous blog to our current vIDix Control customers, we mentioned how simple it is for hackers and other bad actors to compromise RFID technology and Prox cards. That’s not just for the outdated tech, either—Luke Bencie, MD of Security Management International, recently reported that over 80 percent of proximity card access control systems have easily exploitable vulnerabilities.

“Today’s hackers are savvy, and it is not difficult for a motivated individual to gain access to the tools and technology needed to breach physical workplace security systems and even copy user credentials,” says Bencie. The 125 kHz Prox credential can literally be hacked in less than 5 seconds with a device you can purchase online for about $15.00. The other issue with this simple Prox technology is the limited scope of functionality.

With many electronic access control systems still using the 125 kHz classic card and credential reader combo, some common vulnerabilities have begun to crop up. A few examples include:

  • Card cloning: Today, hackers use specialized yet easily-obtainable hardware to clone or "skim" an access card. Others may even use wireless hacking technology as long as they’re nearby. Since most cards use a simple challenge/response style authentication, there is hardly any encryption for attackers to overcome.

  • Communication channel hacking: Though many companies now monitor their access control via a web browser and server, this has only led to more opportunities for hackers to attack. If businesses aren't consistently updating passwords, managing networks, or employing “white hat” hackers to test vulnerabilities routinely, they’re leaving themselves wide open to an attack.

  • Wire-tampering: Surprisingly, companies still report this age-old break-in method when their access control systems have been breached. Wires don’t necessarily need to be exposed for easy tampering; as long as an attacker knows where they’re placed, they can access them.

Now that you’re aware of some of the more common vulnerabilities (some of which may be affecting your business today), it’s time to look at how the vIDix Control upgrades will mitigate these issues.

A female employee uses her mobile access control credentials from the front seat of her car to enter her parking lot

What Makes vIDix Access Control Version 7 Different?

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re entrusted to implement and monitor your organization’s access control system. The new vIDix Access Control Version 7 makes it much simpler while maintaining high benchmarks for your company’s modern needs for workplace security.

To start, you’ll have the options for cloud-based or on-site deployment. Each one offers different deployments for your company’s specific needs, though they both include high-powered features to manage doors, dynamic scheduling, responding to crisis events, elevator control, comprehensive reporting, and more.

To counteract some of the vulnerabilities listed above, vIDix Control offers the following capabilities and workplace security measures:

  1. Hands-free credential storage. vIDix SoftID eliminates the need for physical cards, which may sometimes be forgotten or left behind. As a mobile feature, users may now store their credentials on a secure smartphone or smartwatch instead, thus removing any possibility of card cloning.

  2. A new cryptographic software shell. Known as the Secure Identity Object or SIO®, the HID credential technology utilized by vIDix Control can evolve and respond to any future cybersecurity attacks as they happen.

  3. Wireless locks. Though also designed as an ease-of-use feature, wireless locks provide secure, unlimited credential validation while also removing the possibility of a determined hacker breaching a wired doorway.

Other features to help secure your building and provide more peace of mind include:

  • Rapidly respond to a crisis event by initiating one of several Lockdown types.

  • 24/7 monitoring of card access, overhead and perimeter doors

  • Audio and video alerts

  • Mass Notification and Information marquee display screens

  • Stay informed on your building status with Email and Text alerts onsite and off

  • Informational interactive maps with on-screen visual and audio alerts

  • Keypad and various biometric options

We Make Updating Your Access Control System Easy

Aside from its modern workplace security features, vIDix Control and its web interface have received many accolades for its focused feature set and ease of use. With our flexible deployment options for your business and easy enrollment for your administrative and IT teams, we can get you up and running with improved security in no time.

Contact our support team today to learn more or to schedule a demo and a set-up time for our upgraded vIDix Control security platform.



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